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Transience - until the 25th March

Hi All. An update about my current exhibition, Transience, that I developed to be a multi-layered experience. My daughter, musician, Lili Hall and friend, Julien Munh have created a beautiful sound track that can be heard in the space at G3 Artspace in Parkdale. As you wander in the gallery and are absorbed in the slow shutter forest images, the sounds of the rainforest recorded at nightfall, overlaid with voice, keys and other feels will seep gently in and out of your consciousness. Each wall is curated with images from different landscapes, with a story to tell that you can read about in the catalogue. For the Parkdale locals, a drop down screen appears in the window at night, and the images and poetry (see pic below) are rear projected out to the street. The show is on until 25th March and open Wednesday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Come and say hi!

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