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Image credits: Bri Horne


 These living elements weave themselves into the artwork, either as symbolic motifs or integral narrative threads. In doing so, I seek to underline the profound interdependence between creatures and landscapes and the ongoing impact of colonisation of the land and climatic events. Still, an element of playfulness infuses the creation of these artworks, evident in whimsical details, such as the placement of stars or flowers within my compositions.


Working from observation, plein air and memory through chalk drawings and oil studies, I build the surface in gradual layers, feeling into a ‘slow painting’ process using a limited palette. Tapping into the kinaesthetic process of painting, I still both myself and my focus to embody the landscape’s space and light as it unfolds in the painting. The work is largely seeking to capture the atmosphere, light, shape and forms affected by the weather and seasons through the sensuous act of painting.I want to provoke the viewer to dream and imagine, or be transported via the senses, into gentle feeling states.

Tender Waters is a collection of paintings made over time and in quiet observation of pristine waterways around my home on the Mornington Peninsula, Boon Wurrung and Bunurong lands, and extending to the east coast of Australia. Throughout my artistic practice, life-giving water has been a recurring theme, offering an archetypal feminine expression of the landscape. The places in these landscapes reflect personal histories, and where I sit in deep listening and observation of bird and animal movements; a kind of rewilding of the self. 

The subject matter in Tender waters includes the juxtaposition of pristine rivers marred by weeds post-Black Summer fires, ephemeral ponds flourishing with marsh flowers and damselflies following the La Niña rains, and the graceful, yet peculiar presence of Black Swans floating beyond the shoreline on Warn’Marrin. The paintings in this exhibition delve into the subtle interplay of light, atmosphere, and the ever-shifting climatic forces that leave their mark on the landscape. Ultimately, my art is a reflection of my curiosity and reverence for the natural world and its interconnectedness, inviting viewers to contemplate their own relationship with the environment.
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