Children's Art With Heart - Dean Bowen Animals

Children connect easily with this artist with his humorous and whimsical subjects. (Age 6-12)

Dean Bowen is a Melbourne artist whose subject is often Australian birds and animals. He uses simplified shapes and style that gives personality to his pictures. Watch the video and hear Dean speak about his life, inspiration and art practice.

  • You will need: Thick A3 cartridge paper, coloured pencils, oil pastels or chalks (you can buy these at newsagents or office works

  • 1. A bird or reptile of your choice / 2. An animal of your choice (pet?)

  • Decide on what bird or animal to draw with simple shapes. Try to fill up your page with the head or the head and body. Include the landscape, environment or sky behind.

  • Concentrate on the shapes in your design

  • Start blocking in the first layer of colour. Smudge the pastel with your fingers. Use different shades of a colour to create interest in your picture.

  • Add the textures, patterns and details to the next layer.

  • Have you filled in the background?

  • Can you add something tiny to show scale, as Dean Bowen did?

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